Volume 7 (2021) bib

Article No. 1 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.06.15.001)
Two novel cache management mechanisms on CPU-GPU heterogeneous processors
Huijing Yang and Tingwen Yu


Article No. 2 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.06.15.002)
SDN based QoS Control Methods with the Classifications of
IoT Data Transmissions for Disaster Information Systems​

Noriki Uchida, Kanji Nakano, Tomoyuki Ishida, and Yoshitaka Shibata


Article No. 3 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.07.15.003)

Counterfeited Product Identification in a Supply Chain using Blockchain Technology​

Shivam Singh, Gaurav Choudhary, Shishir Kumar Shandilya, Vikas Sihag, and Arjun Choudhary


Article No. 4 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.08.15.004)

An Adaptive Auto Incident Response based Security Framework for Wireless Network Systems

Sindhu N Pujar, Gaurav Choudhary, Shishir Kumar Shandilya, Vikas Sihag, and Arjun Choudhary


Article No. 5 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.09.20.005)

A Formalisation of Digital Forensic String Search Specifications

Benjamin Aziz


Article No. 6 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.09.30.006)

Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Opportunistic Networks:
An Energy Efficiency Perspective

Rodney S. Tholanah, Zelalem S. Shibeshi, and Khuram Khalid


Article No. 7 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.05.007)

Changes of Cyber Hacking Attack Aspect of North Korea Cyber-Attack Groups

GwangHyun Ahn, Seon-a Lee, and Won-hyung Park


Article No. 8 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.10.008)

Fast Crowd Evacuation Planning System for Disaster Management

C. Mala, Monica Joshi, and Manipriya Sankaranarayanan


Article No. 9 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.10.009)

Pedestrian Detection and Type Recognition
around Electric Communication Equipment

Guangshuo Chen


Article No. 10 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.15.010)

Comparative analysis of anomaly recognition methods in real time

Nikita V. Gololobov, Konstantin E. Izrailov, and Igor V. Kotenko


Article No. 11 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.25.011)

A method for suppressing disorderly scheduling
in multipath transmission scenarios using time delay offset

Shuxing Zhu


Article No. 12 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.31.012)

A Survey on Network Security issues in Space Internet

Cheng Gong and Tongwei Liu


Article No. 13 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.10.31.013)

Focus on Multipath TCP: Introduction, Benefits and Future Research Trends

Lejun Ji, Ruiwen Ji, Junyi Wu, Keyang Gu, Fan Jiang, and Yuanlong Cao


Article No. 14 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.11.15.014)

Biometrics System Technology Trends Based on Bio-signal

Gyuho Choi and Sungbum Pan


Article No. 15 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.11.15.015)

Multi-class DRDoS Attack Detection Method Based on Feature Selection

Tianqi Yang, Weilin Wang, Ying Liu, and Huachun Zhou


Article No. 16 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.11.20.016)

Vulnerability of Remote Control Apps based on Attack Scenario

YongJun Park, Seon-a Lee, and Wonhyung Park


Article No. 17 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.11.30.017)

A Systematic Study on Spectre Attacks and Defenses

Haehyun Cho


Article No. 18 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.12.15.018)

A formal security proof of generic construction of anonymous IBE from PEKS

Hyun Sook Rhee and Taek-Young Youn


Article No. 19 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.12.15.019)

Hierarchical Sovereignty Management and Access Control
based on Self-Sovereign Identity

Kang Woo Cho, Mi Hyeon Jeon, and Sang Uk Shin


Article No. 20 (DOI:10.22667/ReBiCTE.2021.12.15.020)

Design and Experiment of Simple Dynamometer
for Vehicle Cybersecurity Research

Jungho Lee